Foto-Riccardo-PaterniMy motto is “Innovation Through: Knowledge for Action & Action for Knowledge – Stimulating Critical Thinking, Facilitating Practical Action!”.

I define myself as an ‘ideas and practices entrepreneur’ focusing on concretely contributing to fulfill the potential of growth and continuos improvement of small to mid sized organizations. I do that by identifying, understanding and releasing the real potential of people from a cross cultural global perspective: stimulate the unleashing of creativity and genuine innovation. All of this driven by an aware sense of authenticity and self-knowledge practiced on a day to day basis.

The globe is more then ever an opportunity for self knowledge, progress and actual lasting growth! I am lucky enough to experience all of this directly from an actual diverse global perspective on a daily basis. Connecting companies and people across countries and continents to progress together has become a way to value and constantly develop my know-how and my experience. The world is not flat! It is powerfully filled with colors, diversity and opportunities! Let’s develop them together!

In particular I focus to develop Innovation driven processes for Organizational and Individual Talent Development. My latest book, of which I am co-author together with Walter Sciacca and Samit Naik, focuses on the topic of Innovation Development inspired by automotive and Motorsport dynamics, I am currently working by doing international research on it first hand, title of the book FAST TRACK INNOVATION ( .

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